6 Tips On Developing An Effective Fintech Marketing Strategy That Will Work For Your Company

June 9, 2021

Fintech usage is on the rise as more people turn to cashless transactions and online payments. One study shows that 64% of consumers all over the world have used one or more fintech platforms, an uptick of 33% from 2017. As more people shift towards finance technology for their banking, payment, and business needs, fintech companies need to keep up in promoting their products and services. 

The finance-based software market is quickly growing, and more players have popped out over the past few years. Hence, fintech companies need to strategically and proactively market their services on digital platforms and channels more. If your company struggles to stand out, try implementing these six marketing strategies to market your fintech brand. 

  1. Create a clear, unique value proposition

The starting point of any effective branding and marketing campaign is to have a clear, unique value proposition. This is a company’s offering that makes them stand out and attractive to its target audience. A unique value proposition should have a clear and concrete offering that will inform a potential client of the benefits that he or she will get from your product. 

Creating a value proposition starts with knowing what value and benefits users get from your service and how these benefits set you apart from other players in the industry. A clear value proposition will also carry the tone and brand of your company for the foreseeable future.

Marketing is not as easy as it seems. It goes more than just promoting brands and products. That is why many professionals take a marketing degree to gain an in-depth understanding of this broad scope of study.

  1. Reach out to influencers

Many social media influencers follow and lead fintech marketing trends. Working with these influencers will help you tap into their existing audience. Marketers often see influencer strategies as a way of borrowing an influencer’s trust and authority so that you can fast-track the awareness and loyalty-building process. 

Before reaching out to social media influencers, it helps first to be clear about how much you might be willing to pay them for your services. Look for an influencer whose message and mission lines up with your fintech service’s mission too. For instance, don’t get a shopping influencer if your product is for helping people invest and save. 

  1. Promote with video content

Video continues to be one of the most engaging forms of content online today. Up to 85% of businesses use video in their marketing, and that should be enough reason for your company to start creating videos for a fintech service too. 

Some of the best fintech marketing campaigns in video format include video content that presents the benefits of your service, testimonials of existing customers, or educational videos that showcase the current pain points your service seeks to address. There are many YouTube contents on cryptocurrency and fintech that you can use as inspiration for your own video marketing campaigns.

  1. Use social media tools to stay optimal

Any company that doesn’t have any form of social media presence is leaving money on the table. Therefore, when strategizing digital marketing for fintech companies, social media should be one of your main strategies. Be clear about what social media platforms you will be on and regularly post value-giving content on those channels.

To save time and effort, your marketing team should also use tools that help with content creation, scheduling, and analysis.

  1. Get published on major blogs and websites

Various fintech and cryptocurrency publications publish regular content on new tools and services in the finance industry. The best strategy for fintech and banks in public relations and news media is to get a feature on any of these websites. 

Fintech companies can contract the services of PR agencies who can help get them guaranteed placements on websites. You can also try getting on websites by being visible in fintech-based events and connecting with influential media personalities who can get you featured on a major publication.

  1. Create tips that provide financial education

Whether through video, infographic, or written format, a fintech company should have tips and other value-giving content that help people build some level of financial literacy. People like to talk about money online, and they most definitely like reading content on them too. 

Consider starting a company-owned blog where you can regularly post about financial tips and how to use technology to automate and improve financial processes.

He who provides value wins the digital marketing game

No matter what form of content you put out, the best marketing strategies for fintech companies are always those that seek to give value first. Your target audience always engages with content that aims to educate, inspire, or entertain first before it upsells a product or service. 

Find out what value you can give out for free. This can be in the form of free video training, cheatsheet, eBook, or any content that might attract a following. You can use these pieces of content to attract an audience and build a lasting relationship, which you can then turn into a profitable one later on in the customer journey.


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