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Technology has evolved significantly in the past decade. We have over 4.6 billion internet users today, a 270 percent increase since 2009. We are talking about the massive growth in technology companies and concepts. We have seen machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing become real in the last 8-10 years.  

For instance, Bitcoin started 0.1 dollars in 2009, and it is now over $ 49 K (at the time of writing). Also, emerging technologies like Super app, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Fintech + Social, etc., are coming up almost every few months, and it is only supposed to grow. However, the way industries talk about technology or cover technology has not evolved much.

Today, more content is being written than ever, and there are more journalists, celebrities, and opinion-makers out there. While the entire landscape has evolved due to a shift towards user-generated content and because not everything is written by professionals, what has not changed so much is how Journalists, Tech PR agencies, and in-house teams function or collaborate. Even though they have grown, they haven't grown as much as technology trends. But this is not a significant problem. The bigger problem is that technology to support these guys to talk better about technology has not changed. For example, Bitcoin has a market cap of over 1 Trillion dollars, outshining a standard chartered bank and even FAANG. Still, only a handful of people in any group can explain or talk about what it is.

It is all because of what we read in media, blogs, and social - people struggle, and it is real. 

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Even though people associate PR with events such as funding or product launches, a PR campaign can potentially drive any brand's sentiment, user growth, churn, community growth, and more. These days PR can be done via multiple content approaches such as short-form content on social handles, running an influencer campaign, or even podcasting to create content that feels more profound and more thought-provoking. It is about getting to know the story behind a brand, and more importantly, the people behind it rather than the brand itself. It is about understanding the real struggles from the horse's mouth rather than the fancy advertisements and focusing on the signal amid the noise.

We are living in an era of smart-speakers, driven by newsletters and podcasts. Twitter recently acquired the newsletter platform Revue, and Substack now has over 250,000 paying subscribers. Today, there are over 700K free podcasts available. Going by this trend, a significant amount of content consumption will move to newsletters and podcasts in the next few years; This means that micro-content, tight communities, and continuous engagement is pretty much the future of PR & marketing. However, even though engaging users has been digital, the process of identifying relevant journalists & influencers and collaborating with them has been entirely manual. 

I have been on one end of the PR ecosystem for the past 9 years now as someone responsible for releasing content campaigns, influencer campaigns for businesses, and honestly, it hasn't been easy. Every month my first half goes into hunting brands on social platforms LinkedIn, Twitter, telegram, and whatnot, just filtering out, looking at information, and finding the right way to contact them. And the other half goes into working with them back and forth on multiple channels to get things out. And it's an unorganised terrible mess.

The key reasons why brands, journalists, and even content partners suffer are:

1. The absence of a single, economical, sophisticated channel to search and discover the right partner to work with

2. Lack of technology to automate collaboration, nurturing of the leads, and versioning of conversations

3. Finding it difficult to sustain the relationships with the content partners, and avoiding information leaks

As a result, content creation takes double the time, and only half of it reaches the right set of audiences. To give you an idea in numbers, we are talking about 10-20 K USD per month, and despite having such a bad experience, very few people share this experience with their network. 

And, that's what Glyph aims to solve. It is a SaaS workbench that allows brands & content partners to discover each other & collaborate on marketing & PR initiatives. It brings all stakeholders together on a single interface and allows them to hunt and find the right people.

Glyph lets you automate workflows, search for people and get a list of people who are relevant for you. Visit their profile and get a download of their professional experience to understand if you want to grow your brand with them. With Glyph, collaboration and versioning are effortless and inherently taken care of. You don't have to worry about losing your files and past conversations. Furthermore, if you have to work on a paid campaign with influencers, payments become extremely simple and are captured in your workflow. At the end of the project, you also get to rate and review your experience. AI uses that learning to benefit the users.

Source: Glyph

Why is Glyph different 

Multiple tools that are available today do offer relevant information, but since the databases are not changed over time. As a result, information become obsolete as the industry evolves. 

Furthermore, the information is only accessible to businesses and not to the content creators, which means for the entire value chain, the process is still very manual. You have to go away from the platform, build content, come back to the platform to search for people. Plus, there is no engagement at all.

Glyph's AI engine lets you discover exactly who you want (media, influencers, brands) and automates campaign distribution. Glyph's social interface brings all the stakeholders together to build relationships that matter. 

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Glyph is a PR platform that brings together brands, media, and influencers to collaborate and get the word out. Glyph's AI engine lets you discover who you want and automate campaign distribution, and its social interface enables you to build relationships that matter.

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