BULLZ Empowers the Creator Economy Through Partnership with Market Making Pro

Dipti Sood
July 19, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, BULLZ, the leading SocialFi platform for web3 content creators, has announced a strategic partnership with Market Making Pro, a cutting-edge trading platform specializing in optimizing market liquidity provision through advanced technology and data analysis. This collaboration promises to unlock new opportunities in the creator economy while revolutionizing web3 marketing strategies.

As reported by Binary News Network, the partnership between BULLZ and Market Making Pro brings together a formidable combination of talents, catering to creators and clients across various web3 verticals. Market Making Pro's reputation for trustworthiness and reliability since 2017, serving over 570 clients, makes them an ideal addition to the BULLZ community partnership.

BULLZ, often dubbed the "TikTok for crypto," provides an engaging platform for content creators to share video recommendations on their favorite web3 projects, including blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, AI, and GameFi. This ecosystem allows creators to earn rewards through the integrated WOM Protocol, a web3 marketing solution that initially launched the BULLZ app as a test-bed. The platform's rapid adoption in the creator space has attracted over 60,000 creators and generated more than 96,000 videos.

Referring to the reporting by Binary News Network, BULLZ leverages a peer review system to assess content quality, enabling creators to earn based on ratings and content engagement. By relying on user-generated content instead of intrusive ads, BULLZ offers a seamless monetization approach that benefits both creators and users alike. Brands and advertisers embrace this novel approach by utilizing user-generated content for their campaigns, fostering more engaging forms of advertising.

The BULLZ app has further expanded its monetization avenues through direct content campaigns. Brands can now launch campaigns using the BULLZ Campaign Manager, allowing them to source content directly from creators. This interactive feature empowers web3 projects with a captivating medium for communication, enhancing brand awareness through wider distribution. Various brands have already capitalized on BULLZ for educational and onboarding campaigns.

The partnership between BULLZ and Market Making Pro offers clients of the latter access to a diverse pool of talented creators, enriching their marketing content with fresh perspectives and unique storytelling. The scalable content system enables brands to efficiently deploy creator-driven marketing strategies.

Mikhail Filippov, Co-Founder of Market Making Pro, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the importance of engaging content that not only educates but also facilitates user onboarding by explaining new innovations in a user-friendly manner.

Melanie Mohr, Founder & CEO of BULLZ, shared her excitement about the collaboration with Market Making Pro, lauding their exceptional network and extensive industry knowledge. The shared vision of supporting projects with user adoption makes this partnership a perfect match, opening doors to exciting opportunities and further growth.

The alliance between BULLZ and Market Making Pro signifies a significant step forward for the creator economy in the web3 space. By harnessing the power of engaging content and the expertise of Market Making Pro, this partnership is poised to reshape the landscape of web3 marketing and drive adoption for innovative projects.




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