Effective Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

June 28, 2021

A solid marketing plan is critical to the success of any organization. You lack focus if you do not have a marketing strategy. And if you are not focused, you will simply fail to achieve any of your goals and objectives. Planning to fail is the same as failing to plan.

Marketing is not a one-time, stand-alone effort. It is made up of numerous distinct activities that are required at every step of a company's endeavors - from far until a sale is ever completed, to long after. Having so much going on, it's critical to have a plan in place.

Here are the top crypto marketing strategies that actually work:

  • Incentivize users through product referral programs:

There is no doubt that referral marketing is amongst the most successful techniques for obtaining consumers. Since it is based on the tried-and-true logic of word-of-mouth.

Consumer referrals are extremely important since they are inexpensive to obtain, if at all. The exact worth of a recommendation varies per business, but it is generally equal to the lifetime value (LTV) of a client plus the cost of customer acquisition (CAC), which you may then use to recruit more customers.

A referral program is a type of word-of-mouth marketing strategy that encourages customers to advocate for your company. Referrals allow customers to express their value proposition with partners, colleagues, and friends rather than posting reviews online or completing customer feedback questionnaires.


The Binance Fiat Invite Program provides both you and your friend a chance to earn a bonus of 5 BUSD. There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite, so the more friends you invite, the more bonus you will get. This promotion is only available for two weeks in selected areas.

  • Your content must be an educational resource for your customers:

Have you ever read this magnificent quote from Nelson Mandela:

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”

Consider this: Your consumers aren't interested in your service or product; they're interested in oneself. If you believe this, you should also believe that the large part of the material you provide for marketing objectives can't be about you. Your content must be centered on meeting your clients' wants and engrossment, so that they can form a trusting and emotional bond with your brand.

Finally, your material should assist you sell more, save costs, or generate happier consumers. Your consumers are aware of this, and your content marketing tactics should be designed to help them achieve their objectives. However, the more they are educated or entertained, the less they hate being sold to.

So, if you want to change the world through content marketing, you must establish yourself as one of the crypto industry's leading instructional voices. There should be no excuses.


Coinbase’s learn-to-earn featureIt is an excellent chance for both new and seasoned users to obtain free crypto while studying on the latest coins out in the scene.Users may learn to make a good sum of up to $30 simply by viewing just few short videos - a fantastic chance for anyone seeking to start trading in cryptocurrency but does not want to risk their hard-earned money.

  • Create a  brand community by actively engaging and involving customers in product development process:

Before making a purchase, modern shoppers surf websites and conduct research on the items they intend to acquire. You can't depend on conventional techniques to create loyalty when consumers are 60 to 80 percent of the way down the funnel before speaking with anybody at your company.

Loyal consumers are lucrative clients since they are less expensive to market to, spend more, and purchase more frequently. Despite this, just one-quarter of initial transactions become recurring clients. Companies must spend in cultivating client loyalty.

Interacting with your customers aids in the development of a sense of belonging and community. To get your users excited and interested, share your brand's fresh and exciting advancements, as well as news and opinions in your industry. Users are more likely to create good associations if you encourage them to become brand enthusiasts and make them feel connected in your firm. And pleased consumers are always loyal customers.

Strengthen your social game and send anyone who has a complaint to private messaging as quickly as possible. Provide an excellent customer experience, maintain your reputation, and urge people to remain with your business for a long stretch of time to create genuine sentiments of loyalty. Another approach to keep your existing clients satisfied is to recognize their requirements before they even realize they have them. Make use of your consumer behavior data. Predict what your consumers are likely to desire using your customer behavior data, and then provide it to them.


eToro advertisements may be seen a lot.  And for legitimate reason: their marketing approach is highly distinctive, and their USPs set them apart from the competition. With a name that literally means "bull" in Spanish and a green logo with horns, eToro portrays the "bullish" character of the market (rising prices) and the concept that consumers may make money using their platform.

They seek to reduce and streamline trade to its most simplest form in such a way that even those with little market understanding may profit - a notion that is extensively emphasized in their video commercials. By imitating an expert trader, the user saves time by not having to conduct research on business fundamentals or conduct analysis.

  • Sow a unique brand identity in your customers’ minds:

A brand identity is a collection of visual components that distinguishes your company from others. Brand image is what you, your customers, and prospective customers see.

You will get proven, practical insights and guidance on getting a memorable custom logo design and a catchy business name, whether you are establishing a new firm and developing a business plan or rebranding an existing business. You'll also get actionable suggestions and insights to help you create a comprehensive visual identity for your company or group.

In a nutshell, brand image refers to how you want your consumers and prospective customers to view your brand, products, or services. Powerful  brand identity is essential for businesses of all sizes, and of not only huge corporations.


Kraken's clear and colorful branding is eye-candy, with the goal of making cryptocurrency investing more approachable and appealing, as opposed to the boring but more sophisticated tones utilized by other providers. Kraken's branding looks to be geared toward young people eager to learn about and grow their personal finances.

  • Brands help you create experience:

Effective branding covers anything that influences a company's or product's perception in the eyes of consumers. A brand is often linked with names, logos, brand markings, trade characters, and trademarks, although they are just a portion of the whole.

Brand identity also handles nearly all elements of a consumer's interaction with a firm or product, including interface style, value, uniqueness, purchase experience, customer support, and so on. Branding necessitates a thorough understanding of consumers and how they communicate with consumers or products. Long-term commitment in talking about and delivering the distinctive value inherent in a company's "brand" is required for brand-building, but the work may provide long-term returns.

When a company launches a new product under an existing brand name (a brand extension or a branded product line), it may capitalize on customers' optimistic views of the renowned name to increase reception of their new offering.


Gemini is a revolutionary digital platform that has taken inspiration from previous successful exchanges to build a simple and simplified interface. They are an excellent alternative for novices because of their emphasis on user interface simplicity and "Cryptopedia" education platform.

Gemini refers to crypto as "not simply tech innovation, but a revolution." Indicating that their clients are a part of something more than just creating money, but of fighting the financial system and restoring customer power. This appeals to consumers who want to think they are making a difference.

  • Aim to provide best product marketing for success:

Product marketing is concerned with increasing the demand for and acceptance of a service among current consumers. It focuses on the processes customers take to buy your service or product so that product marketers may create campaigns to promote this effort.

It is about gaining a thorough understanding of a certain product's audience and designing that product's placement and message to connect to that audience. It includes the release and implementation of a product as well as the marketing strategy for the service or product, which is why the work of a product marketer is important to a company's marketing, sales, and product teams.

Why all this effort?

Because Value-Add Product Marketing is the Only Marketing Worth Doing

At its heart, value-add marketing is described by its capacity to go above and beyond what your consumers anticipate. It's an empathic strategy that tries to please customers by providing them more than they anticipate or spend on, highlighting your company's commitment to provide value rather than merely earning money.

This is especially essential  when people are moving away from transactional brands. Consumers want to interact with companies that provide them with interactions and experiences that go beyond completing a transaction.

With this kind of marketing, you can convert your marketing material into a standalone product that shifts the scale from financial to emotional connections by prioritizing the customer's requirements. As a consequence, the content you generate is probably your most valuable commodity and is ultimately what makes your business desirable.

In a nutshell:

To have the highest chance of success, your marketing plan should be repeatable and scalable. As a marketer, you should concentrate your efforts on methods to enhance and implement the plan rather than worrying about what the strategy will be each month.

Creating an effective marketing strategy plan will not happen quickly. A lot of things that we have discussed throughout this blog must be explored. From determining your target audience to building customer retention tactics and marketing strategy analyses, the entire process will need significant study, preparation, patience, and creativity.

A marketing strategy plan can help you get a competitive advantage by highlighting each and every action you need to take to grow your firm. It also allows you to develop a strong bond with your consumers, providing you insight into new ways to adjust your service or product to better suit their demands.

Every marketing approach is unique. The ultimate objective of any excellent plan, though, is to lay out the actions you'll take to attain your intended goals. Put in the effort, and you'll certainly be on your path to realizing the winnings.


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