Erick Calderon's Take on NFTs

July 2, 2023

Web3 innovator Erick Calderon, also known as "Snowfro," is a pioneer in the NFT world, responsible for creating Art Blocks, a platform that houses a marketplace for algorithmically generated content stored as NFTs.

Calderon recently collaborated with Adidas and WAGMI United, designing the first professional soccer jersey embellished with NFT imagery. A crucial factor for successful brand partnerships in the Web3 world, according to Calderon, is the brand's ability to provide a meaningful value-add, and he suggests entering the space organically rather than making an immediate, flashy debut.

Calderon cites Discord as instrumental in turning Art Blocks into a novel social experience, highlighting the potential for other brands in creating their own Web3 communities.

The NFT leader envisions a future where the speculative nature of NFTs is separated from their technological innovation, predicting that NFT technology will soon be as normalized and unquestioned as email.

He foresees a scenario where digital files will be presumed to be NFTs, providing irrefutable proof of ownership and integrity, significantly impacting sectors like brand management and legal disputes.



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