Glyph Tech Shots: AI Advancements: Google's RT-2 Empowers Robots, AWS, Google, and Microsoft in Generative AI Race, and ChatGPT Excels in SAT Problem Solving

Sofia Lyateva
August 1, 2023

Google's new RT-2 AI model allows robots to figure out how to complete tasks without training

Google's new RT-2 AI model represents a significant step towards more reliable human-robot interactions. The model empowers robots to understand and perform human-safe actions without the need for extensive training, bringing us closer to the realm of sci-fi-inspired robotics.Read the story on TechSpot.

AWS, Google and Microsoft are in an AI arms race. Banks are watching.

The leading cloud computing giants, AWS, Google, and Microsoft, are fiercely competing in the generative AI domain. Each company has made substantial investments in AI startups and innovation centers, paving the way for an array of proprietary technologies for developers and data scientists to harness the power of generative AI and large language models. Article on American Banker.

ChatGPT better than undergraduates at solving SAT problems, study suggests

Groundbreaking research reveals that ChatGPT, built on the GPT-3 language model, demonstrates problem-solving skills on par with or even superior to college undergraduates. The study showcases the potential of AI language models to excel in reasoning tasks found in intelligence tests, including SAT problems. Story in The Guardian.



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