Glyph Tech Shots: AI Vulnerabilities Unveiled, Ubiquitous Computing on the Rise, and Reddit's Verification Experiment

Sofia Lyateva
July 29, 2023

How researchers broke ChatGPT and what it could mean for future AI development

Researchers bypassed the safety guardrails for ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude with a series of adversarial attacks. Article on ZDNet.

Megatrend alert: The rise of ubiquitous computing

Powered by edge computing, IoT, and 5G, today's systems are decentralized, context-aware, and real-time interactive. A piece by David Linthicum on InfoWorld.

Reddit is testing its own verification mark and new accessibility features

After Twitter’s (now X) rollout of a new paid plan offering verification, other social media companies like Meta, LinkedIn and Tumblr have tried to implement their own badges. Reddit is now joining the bandwagon by testing a new “official” badge. Full story on TechCrunch



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