Glyph Tech Shots: From Night Vision AI to Tech Emmy Winners That Bagged the Tech Innovation, Here’s Everything New-And-Interesting In The World Of Tech ‍

Dipti Sood
August 16, 2023

HADAR: Purdue's Night Vision Tech Puts AI in the Bright Spot

A breakthrough in night vision technology by Purdue University has enabled AI systems to see in pitch darkness as if it were daylight. The technology, called heat-assisted detection and ranging (HADAR), combines thermal imaging, physics, and machine learning to allow visual AI systems to process heat signals and create detailed images even in low visibility conditions. HADAR overcomes the "ghosting effect" that usually distorts images captured by thermal cameras. This innovation has applications beyond autonomous vehicles, including wildlife tracking and public health monitoring. However, HADAR's high cost and processing speed limitations need to be addressed before widespread adoption.

Exit Alert: Amazon, Signal, Microsoft Skeptical of UK's Tech Rules

US tech giants, including WhatsApp, Signal, Amazon, and Microsoft, are considering quitting the UK due to mounting regulatory challenges. The Online Safety Bill, set to pass soon, enforces strict rules on social media content policing, with potential penalties for tech executives. A contentious clause proposes allowing law enforcement access to encrypted messages for national security and child protection reasons. The Digital Markets Bill, targeting companies like Amazon and Microsoft, faces criticism for centralizing power. Furthermore, potential amendments to the Investigatory Powers Act worry tech firms. The UK's attempts to regulate Big Tech are causing friction and potential market shifts.

Masterminds of TV Tech: 75th Engineering Emmy Winners Revealed

The Television Academy revealed winners for the 75th Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy Awards, recognizing innovations in broadcast technology. The awards ceremony is set for October 18. The awards acknowledge the crucial role of technological advancements in storytelling. Notably, Birney Dayton receives the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to TV technology. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) earns the Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award for its significant impact on television technology. Innovations like Brompton Technology's Tessera SX40 LED processor and the Concept Overdrive Motion System are also recognized for their roles in virtual production. Other recipients include developments in HDR-TV, Entertainment Identifier Registry, pCAM Pro, Riedel Bolero Wireless Intercom, SmallHD Monitor Platform, and Waves Clarity Vx Pro in the realm of audio and visual technologies.

Photo by Shubham's Web3 on Unsplash


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