Glyph Tech Shots: Insights into AI Startups, Google Assistant's Evolution, and Gender Disparities in Tech

Sofia Lyateva
August 3, 2023

Not all early-stage AI startups are created equal

The AI sector has witnessed a surge in interest, but unlike previous venture fads, it boasts established startups and legacy players even before the market's recent enthusiasm. AI exits and hints of potential government regulation further complicate the ecosystem for founders and investors. Rebecca Szkutak's analysis on TechCrunch explores the challenges faced by newcomers in the thriving AI landscape.

Google Assistant is about to get supercharged by generative AI, says new report

Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant once impressed users with their AI capabilities, but their functions have since become somewhat outdated. However, Google is set to revolutionize the experience by leveraging generative AI, breathing new life into its Assistant. Sabrina Ortiz delves into this development for ZDNet.

How the Tech Industry Broke the Promises It Made to Women

The tech industry's past failures in fulfilling promises to women have led to disproportionate layoffs during its early to mid-2000s evolution. Companies like Facebook and Twitter, dominated by young white male leaders, contributed to the skewed workforce. Emma Goldberg discusses the implications of these disparities in a compelling interview with Emily Peck for Slate.



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