Glyph Tech Shots: Zoom’s in full blown hybrid mode, while China takes control of the use of Facial Recognition Technology

Dipti Sood
August 8, 2023

The irony? Zoom isn’t ready to go fully remote with its employees anymore.

Zoom is bringing employees back to its office with a structured hybrid approach. The company plans to have employees within 50 miles of an office work in person at least twice a week. This move follows a trend as major companies like Amazon and Disney reduce remote work days. Despite its popularity during the pandemic, Zoom's stock value has declined due to competition and changing work dynamics. Survey results show that while remote work has grown, workers still seek some level of flexibility. Around 12% of US workers were fully remote in July, while 29% followed hybrid policies.

Facial recognition in China with no strings attached.

China's Cyberspace Administration drafts rules for facial recognition tech usage, aiming to enhance security and privacy. The rules stipulate specific purposes, necessity, and stringent safeguards for processing facial data. Consent from individuals is required, and non-biometric alternatives are encouraged when equally effective. China's increased use of facial recognition, from trash collection to public restrooms, prompts concerns and regulatory action. This move aligns with Beijing's broader data regulation efforts, including the 2021 Personal Information Protection Law.

Anser Advisory now a part of Accenture.

Global tech company Accenture has acquired Anser Advisory, an infrastructure project management firm in the US, to enhance its capacity in overseeing large-scale, long-term projects for growth and community benefit. The move follows recent layoffs, including a second round affecting 700 employees at its Austin branch. Accenture, despite the job cuts, has remained active in business acquisitions, with over a dozen in the past year and a half. The Anser Advisory deal marks the 224th technology M&A transaction covered in 2023 by ChannelE2E and MSSP Alert.

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash


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