Glyph Web3 Shots: From Type To Earn NFTs to Creating an Economy of Digital Ownership. Here’s all the latest bits you need to know about

Dipti Sood
August 18, 2023

Transforming Keyboards into NFTs for 'Type-to-Earn' Revolution

TypeIt is revolutionizing digital interaction by turning keyboard designs into NFTs, rewarding users for their creations. Addressing Web3 challenges, it introduces "type-to-earn" incentives, an NFT Marketplace, GameFi, and SocialFi integration, and robust privacy measures. Collaborating with MEXC Ventures, TypeIt gains not only financial support but also strategic guidance and marketing prowess. This disruptive synergy reflects a new approach in the crypto domain, highlighting TypeIt's potential to reshape Web3 dynamics with user-friendly innovation.

GravityX and CoinSwitch Launch LevitateX to Boost Web3 Innovators

GravityX Capital and CoinSwitch Ventures have jointly launched 'LevitateX', an innovative Web3 Scale-Up Program. Focused on Gamefi, Defi, and Core Web3 Infrastructure, the program aims to elevate early-stage companies in the crypto space. GravityX Capital, specializing in venture capital for web3 startups, teams up with CoinSwitch Ventures, linked to India's leading crypto investment platform, for this strategic initiative. The goal is to provide vital support and acceleration to emerging projects in the rapidly evolving web3 ecosystem.

NFTs, AI, and Web3, Crafting an Economy of Digital Ownership

Generative Ventures partner Lex Sokolin highlights that Web3 lacks significant real economic activity despite its AI and crypto integration. He stresses that true economic growth requires more than just financial services, emphasizing the need for businesses, labor, and tangible goods. Sokolin believes generative AI can enhance productivity and creativity in a future where economic activity is the core focus. He advocates for Web3's role in preserving data privacy solutions and transitioning from custodial to non-custodial information. Sokolin envisions an economic architecture integrating digital objects, NFTs, and AI agents, ensuring ownership control and meaningful economic output.

Photo by Shubham's Web3 on Unsplash


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