Glyph Web3 Shots: No Surveillance and Internet to Web3 Empowered Phones. Here’s All That’s New With the World of Web3 ‍

Dipti Sood
September 20, 2023

Coinbase Takes the Lead with Cutting-Edge Web3 Wallet for Big Players

Coinbase has launched a Web3 wallet tailored for institutional clients, facilitating DeFi and NFT transactions. This wallet offers access to various networks, dApps, and decentralised liquidity, allowing users to trade over 33,000 tokens. It emphasises security, offering roles and audit capabilities for enterprises. Kevin Johnson, VP at Coinbase, highlights the need for a secure on-chain solution for corporations. This move deepens Coinbase's involvement in DeFi.

Tomi Triumphs with Award-Winning Surveillance-Free Internet

Crypto exchange HTX Global awarded tomi the best project award at TOKEN2049 for its surveillance-free internet solution. tomi aims to provide private internet access using a decentralised governance model. It challenges corporate and government surveillance of the web. tomi also auctions top-level domain names on its tDNS platform, offering user and business choices.

VERTU Unveils METAVERTU 2, Redefining Web3 Mobile Experience

VERTU, a UK luxury mobile brand, introduced METAVERTU 2, a Web3 phone, at TOKEN2049. This device integrates users into decentralised networks and blockchain space. It features a dual operating system, Hardware ZK for blockchain verification, emotional companionship agents, and a Decentralised AI Agent module. VERTU aims to blend luxury hardware with Web3 technology, allowing pre-orders with a chance to win Bitcoin.

AI CEO "Mika" at the Helm, Polish Drinks Company's 24/7 Robot Boss

Dictador, a Polish drinks company, appointed an AI-powered humanoid robot CEO named Mika in August 2022. Mika works tirelessly, stating it's "always on 24/7." Its tasks include identifying potential clients and selecting artists for bottle designs. While Mika makes decisions based on data analysis, significant decisions are still made by human executives. Mika also leads an NFT project and communicates with its DAO community. This marks another instance of AI taking on CEO roles, following a trend in the tech world.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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