Leading Crypto and Blockchain PR Agencies in 2021

April 17, 2021

Emergence of tech behemoths such as Google and Facebook, has led to digital PR strategy as the widely accepted form of almost all businesses. Furthermore, building Blockchain PR hype is an art form in and of itself. Using innovative approaches and tactics, you must raise brand awareness for a blockchain project. Since blockchain firms cannot run PPC campaigns on certain social networks, their pricing is higher than that of non-blockchain companies.

Blockchain and crypto public relations is one of the most effective means of branding open to businesses. As the crypto industry grows and blockchain becomes more commonplace, public relations would become increasingly relevant. Public relations is something that you find all over the place. You've now seen it so many times that you've stopped paying attention to it. 

When it comes to choosing the right blockchain and crypto PR or marketing company for your idea, you can soon discover that there are a plethora of choices available—far too many, in reality. However, while there is definitely plenty of diversity, only a handful of crypto PR companies have the expertise, talent, and technological ability needed to succeed in the current business environment.

Here’s our top picks for the most promising crypto and blockchain PR agencies:

BlockGroup - Building Blockchain Brands

Addison Huegel, a digital technology communications and marketing strategist with vast experience developing communities around blockchain, B2B, and B2C technologies for hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 businesses, is the founder of BlockGroup. They use new marketing and networking techniques to help blockchain brands thrive.

Website: https://blockgroup.global/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/blockgroup-marketing-communications-blockchain-brands/

The InboundJunction

The founding team of InboundJunction hails from the early days of internet marketing. They first dabbled in internet marketing in 2006, concentrating on content marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Today, the firm puts their experience and skills to use in their customer projects. Their staff is highly flexible, consisting of ex-journalists, editors, content strategists, and PPC experts and CMOs of famous startups. They work on a performance model and focus only on driving results. 

Website: https://inboundjunction.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/inbound-junction/about/ 


Any project requires a spark to get started. They have a clear presence in key social networks to impact, share, and amplify the idea to the right people, having spent over 3 years creating, crafting, and implementing development plans from an in-house team of Blockchain and DeFi warriors.

The company has assisted with the management and growth of over 60 groups across various networks, and they have a strategically chosen team of engaging and proactive group leads to ensure their customers have the best team available. They have networks and relationships that enable them to reach out to and collaborate with major media outlets and crypto influencers.

Website: https://www.hype.partners/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hype-partners/


MarketAcross is a high-end content marketing platform for entrepreneurs and cryptocurrencies. Since 2014, they have been collaborating with existing blockchain solutions.  The company is a one-stop shop for digital marketing, offering everything from content development to content positioning and amplification.  Their team consists of experts in public relations, content marketing, brand reputation, social promotions, influencer outreach (KoL), SEO, audience development, and more.

They collaborate with top-tier journalists, prominent authors, webmasters, and editors of tiny blogs.  Via pitching, ghostwriting, Op-Eds, videos, content amplification channels, news releases, and interviews,  help their clients climb above the noise and get their name in the spotlight. 

Website: https://marketacross.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/marketacross/ 


Byzantium, a Scotland based public relations firm, first appeared as a service provider for blockchain-based ventures and companies in 2017. They later changed emphasis and are now working across sectors such as FinTech, e-sports, connectivity, and many others, having acquired experience across various industries intertwined with blockchain, as well as a deep understanding of the crypto industry and its actors.

They are a team of practitioners with deep expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency and immense experience in either business development, investment, consulting, marketing & PR. Bankex, NagaCoin, CryptoPing, and HumanIQ are among their former clients. Many of their efforts revolve around fundraising, where they create ICO campaigns and assist startups in finding their target audience.

Website: https://bzntm.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/byzantium-agency/


Before beginning a new client's public relations strategy, the firm does extensive analysis on the company, idea, and vision. In exploding industries like Blockchain, Cannabis, and High-Tech, a company's PR and marketing efforts must keep up with the industry's rapid speed. PolyGrowth was established to resolve this problem. They are based in Cyprus and work tirelessly to fulfill the extremely diverse PR and Marketing needs of businesses and start-ups in emerging markets.

They also have another arm agency Getonforbes.com; the go-to resource for Forbes PR features. The company provides in-depth guides about how to get featured on Forbes, share insider secrets that will help your company stand out from the crowd, and provide exclusive services to make your PR dream a reality.

They strive to create a world run on the blockchain, by helping projects creatively express their story among those who matter most to them. The platform has only one goal – to get you (or your company) featured on the world’s biggest business publication: Forbes. A simple feature on Forbes can significantly increase brand awareness, boost sales, facilitate priceless connections and elevate you to expert status. Getonforbes.com basically shows you how it’s done.

Website: https://polygrowth.io/our-company 

Website:  https://getonforbes.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/polygrowth/ 


Luna PR is a full-stack digital marketing agency focusing on blockchain and fintech, space tech, emerging tech, medtech, e-sports and green tech. The agency believes in empowering ambitious businesses spanning 5 continents. They are passionate about storytelling, virtual design, and technology, and collaborate with companies small and large across the world to help them engage with their audiences and build brand awareness.

They work with events, startups, and businesses to bring the right exposure to brands, increase awareness and reputation in markets worldwide. A division of Luna Management, their diverse and experienced team combines their knowledge in technology and communication to provide a customized yet simple plan to suit each client’s needs.

Website: https://www.lunapr.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/luna-pr-io/ 

IBC Group

IBC is a blockchain advisory firm that has a wide range of services. IBC supports promising start-ups and existing businesses fundraise, plan, create, and launch blockchain programs, and partners with bigger organizations to integrate the technology into their business by providing fundraising, growth, marketing, regulatory, planning, and advisory solutions.

Recognizing blockchain as a disruptive technology for efficient knowledge and value management, as well as the application of IoT in the transition to web 3.0, Mario assembled a multinational team of industry experts of blockchain programming, ICO/STO consultancy, and market strategy as it applies to decentralized ventures. IBC has grown to become the known blockchain industry authority in less than a year.

Website: https://ibcgroup.io/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ibc-group-comprehensive-blockchain-consulting/


CoinFabric is a global Management Consultancy that turns Blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures or organizations into agile global enterprises that foresee and adjust to industry changes. Via R&D, Consulting, and Integrated Services, we allow all business stakeholders to interpret and capitalize on Blockchain innovation.

CoinFabric is a Blockchain R&D agency and ICO/STO kickstarter that provides a broad range of consultancy, advisory, infrastructure, and marketing services aimed at motivating all players in the Blockchain Economy, including ICOs/STOs, Developers, Incubators/Accelerators, Organizations, Governments, and Institutions.

Their team of business experts and consultants has assisted numerous businesses in achieving their tokenized funding targets, as well as long-term goals of creating scalable and profitable Blockchain companies - as well as shaping the attitude of other stakeholders to realize the importance and effect that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency bring.

Website: https://coinfabric.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/coinfabric/ 


Guerrilla Buzz is a blockchain public relations and development strategy firm that focuses on generating interest in cryptocurrency networks through forums, social networking, and publishers. Quora, Reddit, Telegram, and web communities such as Bitcointalk are some popular examples. They also implemented the technique to assist businesses such as Bancor in increasing brand recognition.

They have been disrupting the blockchain public affairs and communications ecosystem as a non-traditional boutique growth firm since 2018. The business ventures off the beaten path to hyper-target your consumers and cultivate a devoted fan base in the Blockchain culture. They promise to create actual value for people and businesses, for the long run.

Website: https://guerrillabuzz.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/guerrillabuzz/


Blockchain companies and companies go to them for our young, innovative people, demonstrated skills (their founding team has been here since 2012), and way of working, from entrepreneurs, corporations, VCs, and even the blockchain interested.

They have worked with a diverse roster of clients such as Microsoft, Samsung, Salesforce, and Unilever, as well as game-changing blockchain and crypto heavyweights such as Libra, ShapeShift, BitPay, Blockchain, Enjin, Qtum, and others over our 10+ year career, gaining extensive experience in blockchain technologies across a wide range of industries.

They understand how to develop and handle long-term projects, and they have a strong knowledge and technological expertise to field and answer all kinds of blockchain questions learned from years in the trenches running Telegram rooms and community platforms for our customers, as well as the ability to unearth early brand advocates for the website.

Website: https://cryptolandpr.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptoland-pr/ 

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is a b2b tech PR agency with a boutique culture and a worldwide reach.

The organization boasts the perfect mix of employees who are experts in their fields who understand industry from the ground up. For bold plans and an unwavering commitment to taking you where you want to go. Many honors have been bestowed upon the group for their outstanding success in integrating audience feedback with innovative storytelling to accelerate sales leads and market development.

The result? A personal, no-nonsense service from people who are great at what they do.

Website: https://www.rlyl.com/uk/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/red-lorry-yellow-lorry/ 


Coinbound is a leading full-service digital marketing firm with many PR choices. They've been in the business for a while and have partnerships with many of the top publishers, including CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin.com, and others. Furthermore, they have exclusive packages for smaller websites, and their book of business is unrivaled in the industry.

Coinbound has experience in all aspects of public relations, whether it's a single press release, a sequence of supported tweets, or a hybrid of the two. Via influencer marketing, SEO, paid media, and social media management, they help cryptocurrency and blockchain brands accelerate their development. For example, the company has collaborated with major cryptocurrency companies such as OKex, Shapeshift, eToro, CoinStats, and others.

Website: https://coinbound.io/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/coinbound/ 

MelRose PR

Melrose is a public relations firm that focuses exclusively on cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures. They assist businesses in running campaigns including magazines, interviews, and other types of advertising to support product releases. Supported content, social media strategy, and market recognition are among the resources they have.

They call themselves die-hard blockchain and cryptocurrency supporters, enthralled with how decentralized technologies can transform the planet. Melrose PR, which was established in 2012, has worked with developers and innovators in a variety of industries. They attract media and general interest with their customers, increasing public knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

They have been promoting this cutting-edge technology in order to innovate many businesses and make people's lives easier and more stable. The department is in the heart of Silicon Beach, California. As millennials in digital media, they remain at the crossroads between conventional PR networks and evolving interaction technologies, offering integrated marketing connectivity tools for blockchain technology brands.

Website: https://www.melrosepr.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/melrose-public-relations/ 


Flexe is a public relations firm headquartered in Moscow that was established in 2018. They concentrate on public relations strategies, group management, and social media management. They allegedly have ties to over 200 crypto-related journals and have collaborated with companies such as DOVU, SWINCA, Brikcoin, Monart, and Mindsync.

Website: https://flexe.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/flexe-io/

Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in online marketing, digital marketing, and lead creation for mid-market businesses. They build content with the goal of increasing interaction and generating leads. Their clients' only aim is to improve their reputation, boost traffic, and raise sales.

Foxtail Marketing works for both cryptocurrency and non-crypto firms. When it comes to blockchain-related ventures, they manage everything from content development to delivery and nurturing of leads created by the content. Their strategies generate dependable and replicable lead generation and conversion tactics for B2B firms. Their work is shared more socially, valued more by Google, and produces better results than anything else in the industry. Their job is more socially spread, more highly regarded by Google, and delivers better outcomes than anyone else in the field.

Website: http://www.foxtailmarketing.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/foxtail-marketing/


CryNet is a Blockchain consultancy and production firm. They specialize in assisting STO/ICO businesses with consultancy, public relations/marketing, and fundraising. The organization focuses its innovative energy on genuine emotional messaging delivered through entertainment platforms that can make your customers fall in love with your brand or messages.

Instead of using conventional promotional techniques, the organization takes pleasure in exploring opportunities to engage with their customers authentically. Finally, CryNet is said to have collaborated with over 400 firms in the industry. They are headquartered in the Czech Republic and have collaborated with organizations such as The Divi Project, HOQU, Earth Token, PlayKey, and BetterBetting.

Website: https://crynet.io/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/crynetio/

Token Agency

Token Agency is the leading full-service marketing and strategy firm for blockchain startups. Their  team of explorers was among the first to venture into this new, uncharted terrain. They have a starting point from which you can expand your galaxy.

Rob Behnke, the company's founder, founded and sold two businesses before slipping down the crypto rabbit hole in 2013. After years of working in and collaborating with blockchain-centric firms, he assembled a team of equally daring developers, programmers, and marketers who were all committed to enabling blockchain to achieve its maximum potential.

Website: https://www.tokenagency.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/token-agency/about/


Crowdcreate is a one-of-a-kind growth marketing service that helps companies increase investor funding and influencer revenue. What distinguishes them? They have raised over $130 million dollars for 80+ active client ventures. They are always on the cutting side of marketing tactics and have expertise in a variety of markets ranging from infrastructure and real estate to cryptocurrency and consumer goods. Over the last five years, they’ve developed a network of founders, influencers, and strategic alliances to help companies expand.

The firm is headquartered in Los Angeles that specializes in influencer marketing and public relations. They've been in business since 2016, and some of their clients include Bezant, Open Platform, Zilla, Galaxy eSolutions, and LendingBlock. They've partnered with over 40 crypto firms in total and take pride in a data-driven approach to marketing.

Website: https://crowdcreate.us/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/crowdcreate/


If you want to start your own business or begin a public relations strategy for an existing one, you may face a number of unforeseen challenges. Individual companies like the ones listed above will only set up a good PR strategy out in the market for your company, at the end of the day, your willingness to meet obstacles and improve along the way is critical to your company's success.

Otherwise, it's game over.

Note: The above list is in no particular order and has been curated after studying multiple websites and channels with the possibility of omission of some other great PR agencies.


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