Most Reliable Crypto Exchanges & Trading Platforms 2021

April 7, 2021

Trading cryptocurrencies has increased in popularity since the launch of bitcoin in 2009.  Plenty of internet markets currently operate to assist in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as the trading of them. Trading fees charged to exchanges, the width of the bid-ask range, and a deposit to move funds to/from your bank account are all common expenses.

A crypto exchange, also known as a Digital Currency Exchange (DCU), is a company that helps you to trade cryptos. Most crypto exchanges allow you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, and other cryptocurrencies. The finest cryptocurrency exchange is determined by the personal investment objectives. There are various exchanges to select from, each with its own combination of advantages and disadvantages.

Until you pick a crypto exchange, consider your priorities as a trader. If you intend to exchange cryptocurrency on a regular basis, trading costs should be one of the top objectives. If you do not intend to use a crypto wallet, make certain that the platform you plump for is safe.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are classified into two types: centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEX). The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges used by traders are centralized, which means they are operated by a business entity. Popular exchanges of this category include Coinbase, Binance, Gemini among others.

Rather than being owned by a corporation, crypto owners who own regulation coins vote to update the decentralized exchange, thus rendering it decentralized. DEX allows anyone to exchange cryptocurrency straight from their crypto wallet without the need for approval or confidence. Users do not need to entrust their money to a third party, as well as do not need to sign up or have any evidence to use the DEX. Popular exchanges of this category include AirSwap, io, Barterdex, Blocknet.

These are some exchange platforms that we found to be superior in utmost consideration aspects such as protection, KYC, volume, accessibility, and commission prices.


Coinbase, Inc. is a cryptocurrency trading site based in the United States with no formal physical offices. As of March 2021, it was the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by trading volume.The platform is developing the crypto economy, which will make a more equitable, open, reliable, and transparent financial system. It began in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam with the groundbreaking idea that everyone, anytime should be able to send and receive Bitcoin quickly and safely. Today, they have a safe and simple forum for accessing the wider crypto economy.

Customers from all over the world use Coinbase to learn about and get started with cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is trusted by 43 million authenticated people, 7,000 organisations, and 115,000 ecosystem members in over 100 countries to conveniently and safely save, spend, save, receive, and use cryptocurrency.

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Binance is the industry's best blockchain and crypto technology network, with the biggest digital asset exchange by volume as part of its financial product suite. The Binance network, trusted by millions around the globe, is committed to increasing users' financial independence and provides an unrivaled range of crypto goods and offerings, such as: trading and financing, education, data and science, social good, entrepreneurship and incubation, DeFi and infrastructure solutions, among others.

In terms of trade volume, Binance was the biggest crypto exchange in the world as of January 2018. Changpeng Zhao, a developer who previously developed high frequency trading tools, founded Binance.

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Huobi Global

Huobi Group is the world's largest provider of blockchain asset financial services. With the goal of making alternative asset investment more profitable and resilient, the business is dedicated to offer consumers with reliable, competent, and truthful services built on the central philosophy of keeping the customer on top.

Huobi, founded in 2013, has evolved to be amongst the largest digital asset exchanges globally, with a total trading volume of US $1 trillion. Huobi, which once accounted for half of all digital asset purchases in the country, now represents upwards of 5 million consumers from over 130 countries. Huobi is able to offer reliable and dependable digital asset trading and management services to its customers thanks to enforcement teams in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, as well as other parts of the globe. Huobi Group has already invested in over ten upstream and downstream businesses to date. ZhenFund, Dai Zhikang, and Sequoia Capital are among its investors.

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Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

Kraken, based in San Francisco, is the world's biggest global bitcoin exchange in terms of euro volume and liquidity. Clients of Kraken can also trade USD, CAD, ETH, LTC, and other cryptocurrencies on a forum that has been regularly regarded as the largest and most reliable bitcoin exchange by independent news outlets.

Kraken was the first bitcoin exchange to have its market data displayed on the Bloomberg Terminal, the first to pass a cryptographically verifiable proof-of-reserves audit, and one of the first to offer leveraged bitcoin margin trading when it launched in 2011. Millions of merchants, institutions, and authorities around the world depend on Kraken, from Toyko's court-appointed trustee to Germany's BaFin-regulated Fidor Bank. Kraken revealed in January 2016 that it was acquiring popular bitcoin exchanges Coinsetter and Cavirtex in order to grow into the American and Canadian markets. Kraken purchased Crypto Facilities, a licensed futures network, in 2019.

Money Partners Group, Hummingbird Ventures, Blockchain Capital, and Digital Currency Group, among others, have invested in Kraken.

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Bithumb is a cryptocurrency exchange based in South Korea. Bithumb Korea, founded in 2014, is the most popular digital currency exchange in the world, with 8 million registered customers, 1 million smartphone app users, and a current combined trade volume that exceeds one trillion US dollars.

The digital asset exchange was created to address the varied needs of consumers worldwide. Bithumb Global can use its extensive expertise and technologies to provide a broad variety of services such as digital asset trading, digital asset allocation, blockchain project incubation, and decentralized finance, among others.

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Bitfinex is a digital asset exchange site that provides cutting-edge offerings to digital currency investors as well as financial liquidity suppliers.

Bitfinex, founded in 2012, was one of the first specialist websites set up to satisfy the burgeoning interest in cryptocurrency trading.  Since then, their team has acquired invaluable expertise thus solidifying their role as the preferred forum for digital asset traders and organizations.

Bitfinex offers peer-to-peer lending, an OTC market, and margin trading on a wide range of digital assets in addition to a suite of specialized trading applications and charting tools. Bitfinex's master plan is to offer unrivaled funding, resources, and creativity to skilled traders and liquidity suppliers globally.

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KuCoin is a global crypto exchange that allows for the exchange of multiple crypto assets. KuCoin, which was established in September 2017, has developed to become one of the world's most successful cryptocurrency exchanges. Spot trading, Margin trading, P2P fiat trading, Futures trading, Staking, and Lending are currently available to its six million customers in over 200 countries and regions around the world.

KuCoin is among the world's fastest rising crypto exchanges. KuCoin, also known as "The People's Exchange," is simple to use for new investors while also being comprehensive enough for crypto enthusiasts. They have a diverse selection of altcoins on the market and are actively introducing new ones. The exchange is easy to recognize emerging coins that have the strongest blockchain technology implementations. Their opportunity to select tokens that consumers are interested in has propelled them to Unicorn fame quicker than any other venture in history, with a startup exceeding $1 billion in valuation in just 3 1/2 months.

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Coinone offers financial services related to blockchain technology, such as bitcoin exchange, wealth management, and trading matching engines. It is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, founded by one of Korea's most celebrated and global award-winning white hackers, Kevin Cha. Coinone aspires to lead the emerging field of finance under the vision of ‘Bring Blockchain into the World.'

Coinone currently runs Korea's third largest exchange (Coinone Exchange) and is expected to launch Cross, a blockchain-based overseas remittance and payment service. Coinone Indonesia was launched as their first overseas exchange in 2018. Coinone was the first cryptocurrency exchange in Korea to sell Ethereum and IOTA. Additionally, they were  also the first exchange to start the Research Centre, which produces in-depth cryptocurrency review reports to help the industry retain integrity and stability. Coinone continues to dominate the market with such a clear track record in setting expectations.

Coinone plans to lead the emerging field of finance through blockchain technologies, based on its deep expertise in the trading industry.

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Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based bitcoin exchange. It enables exchange in fiat money, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. It accepts deposits and withdrawals in USD, EUR, GBP, bitcoin, XRP, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin currency, XLM, Link, OMG Network, USD Coin, or PAX.

It is the world's oldest crypto exchange, serving the Bitcoin ecosystem since 2011. Bitstamp, with an established track record and experienced commitment to the industry, offers a stable and open platform to over four million customers and allows partners to enter new crypto markets using time-proven facilities.

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Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo, and Samuel Reed formed BitMEX in 2014 with funding from family and friends. The exchange launched perpetual futures in 2016, which soon became its most common derivative offering. Delo became the United Kingdom's first bitcoin billionaire and the youngest self-made billionaire in 2018.

HDR Global Trading Limited owns and operates BitMEX, a next-generation cryptocurrency trading site. Leveraged trading is available on the BitMEX exchange via Perpetual and Futures Contracts. It provides a fast, secure, and liquid means of trading and hedging cryptocurrency danger. BitMEX developed the XBTUSD perpetual swap product, the most exchanged cryptocurrency swap product of all time, and features up to 100x leverage.

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eToro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage firm based in Israel that specializes in financial and copy trading services. Cyprus, Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia are among the countries where it has registered offices. The corporation was worth $800 million in 2018. The eToro Group consists of the eToro platform, their multi-asset trading and investment venue, and eToroX, which manages their crypto wallet and exchange.

It was formed in 2007 with the aim of democratizing international markets so that anyone could invest in a clear and open manner. People will use the eToro platform to invest in any assets they choose, from stocks and commodities to crypto assets. We are a social group of over 20 million registered members who share their investing ideas, and anybody can follow the most successful methods.

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Gemini Trust Company, LLC (Gemini) is a crypto exchange and guarantor that enables consumers to purchase, sell, and store digital assets such as bitcoin and ether. Gemini is a New York trust firm subject to the strictest fiduciary duties, capital balance guidelines, and banking regulatory regulations. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss founded Gemini in 2014 to build a bridge to the future of money.

According to a CNBC story, Gemini became the world's first authorized ether exchange in June 2016. Gemini was announced as the world's first accredited Zcash exchange in May 2018. It is now involved in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, and Kraken are among the most popular rivals.

In a free market, both consumers can exchange cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Users can send and receive USD from and from their bank accounts. Gemini was created in order to promote the buying and storing of Bitcoin by using a dynamic scheme of private keys and password safe environments. To mitigate the chance of theft by hacking, only a small part of the overall bitcoin on the exchange is kept online.

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Bottom Line

Every cryptocurrency exchange portal has its own distinctive collection of attributes and approach to assisting its customers in trading the premier cryptocurrency. Although some prominent portals have an absolute top-notch interface design, several lesser-known portals compensate for a limitation of functionality by charging no or low fees. 

If you've agreed on an exchange, it's crucial to exercise secure storage. More information on the right storage solutions aka wallets can be found in this post.



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