appoints BlueFirst as its IP Acquisition Advisor

May 2, 2023

NYC, NEW YORK – HONG KONG: May 1, 2023 – announces the appointment of BlueFirst (BlueFirst) as its Intellectual Property Acquisition Advisor. BlueFirst will advise on the acquisition, licensing, and selling of intellectual property (IP) for and its global partner ecosystem.

The current global blockchain market — and its state of technological development — draws parallels and comparisons with the dotcom bubble that started to burst in 1999. Certain companies that survived the internet tech crash gauntlet emerged with valuable IP that has made several of them some of the wealthiest organizations in the world — regardless of industry. Most of these companies had the foresight to guard their IP from encroachment by fiercely protecting it via litigation.

For example, Steve Jobs unleashed a declaration to go "thermonuclear" with a barrage of global IP acquisitions and patent application filings to bolster and protect iOS from intra-industry theft and emulation. Apple engaged in patent infringement battles with top competitors such as Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, and a host of others. These successful litigable actions paved the way for the industry-changing iPhone that continues to be a major driver of Apple’s success.

With the blockchain industry’s unregulated Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), altcoin proliferation, and non-legal tender payment settlements, the line between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) is continuing to blur — if not outright disappear. As has been highlighted by the troubles befalling banks in the TradFi world (such as SVB), there is a huge opportunity to bridge these two financial ecosystems in a way that is legally compliant, transparent, secure, and with human consensus. By integrating blockchain technology with our portfolio of highly promising — and often innovative — IP, we have created a system that will solve pain points in the IP sector by benefitting all parties involved (IP holders, licensers, sellers, acquirers, and developers/inventors).

Much of our current IP portfolio has been tested, vetted, and marketed to interested parties; it is “on the shelf"; and is ripe for acquisition by companies and industries that want to leverage innovative IP to garner a competitive advantage. The team at is active in identifying and offering their IP to ecosystems that can sustainably thrive in a global and inclusive manner.

“I have full confidence in Mr. Daniel A. Waltenberg, CEO of BlueFirst. His unmatched experience and expertise in international banking, investment portfolio construction, financial modeling, and blockchain technology makes him an ideal member of what is already a world class team at,” said CEO Travis M. McGregor.

“Intellectual property is one of the purest forms of transparency that has stood the test of time. In order to be immutable, it needs blockchain as a technological layer of verification. Combining blockchain with IP will revolutionize IP-powered industries and the wider global economy in a fair, transparent, and regulated manner,” said CEO Daniel A. Waltenberg.

ABOUT SECONDLEASE.IO: enables great minds to make positive societal changes. recently organized IP Portfolio I, consisting of eight core patentable embodiments under an umbrella IP position. IP Portfolio I contains systems and methods that mitigate fiat-backed stablecoin price
fluctuations via blockchain-based SIM (BSIM) transaction environments. combines software-node consensus and hardware-based solutions to achieve “real” (non- speculative) GDP in a manner driven by collaborative human consensus. Construction of IP Portfolio II – serving the medical industry – is well underway.’s mission is to use advanced methods, such as tokenization and blockchain technology, to foster equitable global access to natural wealth and resources.


BlueFirst has been successful in applying an out of the box / out of the blue approach to restructure, turn around and grow revenues. Ignited by Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” and its successful existance since 14 years, BlueFirst believes in the game changing nature of the blockchain technology. The internet became the exchange / store of information, so will the blockchain become the exchange / store of digital assets. BlueFirst is excited to be part of this leap forward and contribute to changing our economies.


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