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Dipti Sood
September 1, 2023

Scott Unveils Ambitious Education-Technology Plan, Targets Big Tech Influence

Senator Tim Scott unveiled a new education and technology plan, criticizing President Biden's marginalization of parental influence in childhood education and online habits. Aligned with broader Republican trends, the plan addresses race, gender in schools, and tech giants' power. It coincides with Scott's return to his home state, South Carolina, and his upcoming trip to Iowa. The 12-point proposal promotes parental control in education, curbing social media impact, and creating a "family first culture." Scott pledges to challenge teachers' unions, enact school choice, and replace indoctrination with education. Democrats criticize the plan as undermining public education. Scott's campaign highlights his personal journey from poverty to advocate for accessible education.

Drowning Calls No More DoorDash's AI Voice Ordering Saves Sales

DoorDash introduces AI voice ordering for restaurants, aiming to boost sales and address call-related issues. The technology addresses the problem of unanswered customer calls, which can lead to revenue loss, as revealed by DoorDash's 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report. By integrating AI with live agents, the system ensures quick responses during peak times, allowing staff to focus on in-store customers. Personalized voice ordering in multiple languages and seamless reordering enhance the customer experience. Additionally, restaurants can utilize DoorDash Drive for efficient delivery. This innovation aligns with DoorDash's goal of providing technology-forward solutions for both customers and restaurateurs.

Mark Zuckerberg Unveils Meta's VR Keyboard Advancement for Quest 2

Meta is researching turning flat surfaces into virtual keyboards, showcased by Mark Zuckerberg using a Quest 2 headset with fast typing results. The current slow text input in VR/AR could improve with this method, offering haptic feedback and wrist rest. The technology's specifics aren't fully disclosed, but it might involve fiducial markers. Future Quest headsets, like Quest 3, with depth sensors could potentially support this innovation. More VR/AR research will be revealed at Meta Connect in September.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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