Tech Shots: From Tim Cook’s Fake Instagram Profile to Ukrainian War Tech Strategy, Here’s How The Tech World’s Doing

Dipti Sood
August 31, 2023

Instagram Removes Fake Tim Cook Account and Counterfeit Senior VP Profiles

Instagram has successfully taken down a bogus account impersonating Apple CEO Tim Cook. The account, named "tim.d.cook," had garnered followers including Apple VPs Alan Dye and Lisa Jackson. It's important to note that Tim Cook exclusively uses Twitter (X) since 2013. The fake account posted images mimicking Cook's official X page, showcasing iPhone 14 Pro's camera and LiDAR capabilities. Cook has criticized Meta's privacy policies and continues to be active on X.

Agile Tech Strategy, Ukraine's Answer to Russian Military Challenge

Ukraine's survival during the war hinges on its rapid adoption of public-private technological innovation. Prepared for Russian psychological warfare, Ukrainians employ accessible tech creatively. With public will and private firms' speed, the government mobilizes effectively. However, Russia's counteroffensive leverages size, traditional power, and population advantage. To counter this, Ukraine should focus on its tech edge. The "Brave1" innovation portal aids public-private collaboration. Ukraine's use of integrated technologies outpaces Russia's, enabling agile decision-making and efficient communication. Commercial satellites, apps, drones, and AI-driven analysis are pivotal in this interconnected tech approach, offering Ukraine a data-driven advantage.

Sustainable Cooling Solutions Needed as UK Homes Lack Insulation

Research reveals UK homes are poorly insulated for both hot and cold weather. Less than 5% of UK homes have air conditioning, relying on fans and coolers. Oxford University study warns of 30% increase in uncomfortably hot days with 2°C global warming. Portable air conditioning units increase carbon footprint and leak harmful refrigerants. Alternative cooling methods include immersion in cold water, wet clothing for evaporative cooling, and proper ventilation. Passive cooling solutions: shading, window treatments, vegetation, and ventilation. Longer and hotter heatwaves challenge traditional cooling techniques. Experts urge focus on efficient building design and passive measures for sustainability.

Photo by Hester Ras on Unsplash


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