Top Fintech Publications, Blogs, and News Websites in 2021

April 28, 2021

Fintech, while not yet a household word, is just the next big thing to keep a close eye on. It has the ability to transform the very idea of finance — how we handle our assets, make the payments, save, insure, and lend, among other things. It has quickly become one of the most common buzz phrases in technology and business; perhaps one of the coolest assets to invest in, and you can bet it'll just grow in value.

Fintech is enabling customers to gain control of their financial lives, resulting in much larger financial empowerment than ever before. By leveraging new technologies, it is breaking down old silos and advancing customers' financial situations and results. 

But catching up with such a fast-paced and rapidly changing industry can be a difficult task. Whether you want to invest in financial technologies or not, keeping up on the newest trends in the fintech world is always beneficial. There are various fintech resources available on the market that will provide you with the most up-to-date information. However, it is important to find the most trustworthy channels and industry-specific websites. This blog will take you to some of the most prominent, influential, and often read fintech news sources, blogs, individuals and magazines. 

These publications, blogs and news websites cover fintech-related content in order to help their audiences remain up to date with the newest developments in the sector.


CoinDesk has the biggest team of freelance writers reporting on the blockchain industry. It is a media forum for the next wave of traders interested in how cryptocurrencies and digital assets are shaping the future of the world financial system.

 Its mission is to educate, update, and engage the global investor ecosystem via news, data, activities, and learning. It  was founded in May 2013, reaches millions of people who are involved in digital assets and blockchain technologies through its platform, social networking sites, newsletters, podcasts, content, analysis, and live broadcasts. 

CoinDesk developed the original Bitcoin Price Index in 2013, which is frequently cited in the media, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNBC, among others.

Visit website: CoinDesk

Total traffic in the last month: 40.88M

Financial Times

The Financial Times is one of the world's leading corporate news organizations, renowned for its authoritativeness, honesty, and precision. The FT has a record paying readership of one million, with internet downloads accounting for three-quarters of the total.

It is a subsidiary of Nikkei Inc., which provides the global business community with a wide variety of information, news, and services.

Visit website: Financial Times

Total traffic in the last month: 29.13m


Cointelegraph was set up in 2013, is the one of the largest independent online media outlets for blockchain technologies, crypto assets, and new fintech developments. Their team brings the  most up-to-date and reliable reporting from both the decentralized and centralized domains.

Their editorial output is powered by ability to include impartial reporting, comprehensive analytics, detailed cryptocurrency market indexes, thought-provoking opinion articles, and frequent updates on the societal change that digital currencies carry.

They strive to inform, educate, and exchange useful knowledge with their readers as technological breakthroughs arise in fields such as AI, VR, nanotech, and quantum computing, and a growing number of companies, developers, and customers embrace blockchain technology in daily life.

Visit website: Cointelegraph

Total traffic in the last month: 15.32M

TechCrunch Fintech

TechCrunch is a pioneering technology media property that is obsessed with interviewing startups, analyzing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

TechCrunch and its network of websites, which was established in June 2005, now have over 12 million unique users and over 37 million page views per month. On Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other social networking platforms, the TechCrunch network has over 2 million fans and followers.

CrunchBase, TechCrunch's open directory of start-up firms, individuals, and investors, has emerged as the most authoritative statistical repository for technology companies and transactions. 

The organization organizes global conferences and festivals, such as the Disrupt series, The Crunchies Awards, and numerous meet-ups around the world that serve as cultural forums for business dialogue and collaboration.

Visit website: TechCrunch – Startup and Technology News

Total traffic in the last month: 14.84M


Finextra is the world's leading independent newswire and intelligence center for the financial technology industry.

The publication includes the major technological developments in wholesale and retail banking, financial markets, and finance. Finextra also publishes a variety of academic reports, features, white papers, and case studies.

Finextra provides a variety of publicity, lead generation, and promotional opportunities to help marketing campaigns, create identities, recruit event delegates, and meet new prospects.

Visit website: Finextra Research: Latest FinTech (financial technology) news, analysis, interviews and features.

Total traffic in the last month: 868.92K is reimagining how businesses exchange important knowledge about policies that affect the future of payments and trade and make headlines. This influential B2B website is the most visited portal in the payments industry and the leading source of insights on “What's Next” in payments and commerce.'s audience is the most valuable in the industry, with C-suite leaders, business owners, and analysts turning to it on a regular basis for these ideas. It offers an engaging forum for businesses to show thought leadership, popularize brands, and, most critically, attract the attention of global decision-makers. It is the web's meeting place for the brightest minds and materials.

Payments and commerce innovations have been inextricably linked. PYMNTS encompasses everything from market transformation to the Internet of Things.

Visit website: Payments News & Mobile Payments Trends, Consumer Payments News, Financial Technology News

Total traffic in the last month: 838.26K

The Fintech Times

Founded in 2016, The Fintech Times is a digital online news source centered on the world’s first leading Fintech newspaper.

The portal reports on the newest and best ideas from the Fintech community as an authoritative and trustworthy voice, based on high-quality content and delivered to a global network.

They've been creating the voice over the years, with the help of their 65,000+ unique visitors online each month and over 150,000+ print newspaper copies distributed around the world each year. Documenting the most recent advancements of cutting-edge financial technology such as PayTech, RegTech, Banking Transformation, Open Banking, Blockchain, WealthTech, and Insurtech, to name a handful.

Visit website: The Fintech Times: Fintech News & Reviews Daily

Total traffic in the last month: 212.46K

Finance Magnates 

Finance Magnates is the only global source of multi-asset trading news, analysis, and activities, with a particular emphasis on electronic trading, finance, and investment, as well as the technology that powers them.

Finance Magnates Group is a reliable news outlet for the trading industry. Their goal is to provide comprehensive, actionable expertise focused on education and business opportunities.

This includes ForexLive, a top-tier service that caters to over 1.2 million traders per month; FM intelligence, which produces unique data cryptocurrency and trading data; FM Events, the world's leading industry gatherings in London, Hong Kong, Limassol, and Shanghai; and FM Directory, the go-to place for all industry services and needs.

Visit website: Finance Magnates: Financial and Business News

Total traffic in the last month: 829.22K

FinTech Futures

FinTech Futures is the leading source of news and commentary on the global fintech market, integrating the Banking Technology and Paybefore brands as of January 2018. The magazine is dedicated to producing high-quality, succinct, and sharp editorial.

The news portal is updated daily with news, trends, research, and expert opinion from a wide variety of industries, including FinTech, BankingTech, PayTech, RegTech, WealthTech, LendTech, and InsurTech. Banking Technology, their monthly publication, has a large international readership and is published at major regional and global conferences.

Their annual awards shows, BankingTech Awards and PayTech Awards, honor the accomplishments and innovators in the banking, financial, and payment technology communities around the world. Informa Connect includes FinTech Futures.

Visit website: FinTech Futures

Total traffic in the last month: 408.38K


TechBullion is a Financial Technology News Website based in London that focuses on Global Fintech News and Market. They have the most recent Fintech articles and research.

TechBullion provides multinational Financial Infrastructure, Blockchain technology, and Cryptocurrency businesses with Press Release editing, Content writing/promotion, and other digital marketing services.

It is a Financial Technology News Website based in London that focuses on Global Fintech News and Market. On Tech Bullion, you can find the most recent Fintech articles and research. TechBullion invests in Fintech, publishes papers, and provides digital marketing services to Financial Technology firms around the world.

Visit website:

Total traffic in the last month: 328.87K

The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand is a web magazine that focuses on retail banking and credit union marketing and strategy topics. It is the one-stop shop for C-level banking executives searching for the most up-to-date ideas, perspectives, and data on how financial firms develop their brands.

They put a razor-sharp emphasis, offering strategic commentary and guidance on a variety of important topics confronting banks and credit unions, as well as real-world explanations, ideas, and realistic recommendations on how to excel in retail banking. Nobody else in the business has this level of coverage in advertisement, branding, distribution networks, mobile, product design, creativity, and sales strategy in the banking space today.

Jeffry Pilcher, CEO and President, created The Financial Brand in 2008. Jim Marous, who joined in 2014, co-publishes the blog. Unless otherwise mentioned, all papers are written by Jeffry Pilcher and Jim Marous. It is entirely autonomous and entirely ad-supported. The Financial Brand does not provide consultancy services, nor do any of their affiliates.

Visit website:

Total traffic in the last month: 207.84K


FinSMEs - the NewsBlog on Finance for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - offers updates on financing transactions that occur on a regular basis around the world. It offers insight on venture capital/private equity and debt funding transactions that occur on a regular basis around the world.

FinSMEs is a fast-growing blog founded in August 2009 by Ermanno Cece that serves as a credible and trustworthy source of knowledge for startuppers, would-be, young and proven entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, technologists, researchers, journalists, and bloggers from all five continents.

It is also mostly focused on delivering real-time reporting on private equity, venture capital, debt investing, crowdsourcing, investments, and interviews with business leaders.

Visit website: FinSMEs 

Total traffic in the last month: 152.82K


The Finovate Group is a research and activities company focusing on financial and banking infrastructure advancement. The company’s team is in charge of the Finovate and FinDEVr conference series, as well as the related blogs.

Finovate launched its first event in New York in 2007, and it has since spread to San Francisco in 2008, London in 2010, Singapore in 2012, and the fintech developer world in 2014 with the new conference series, FinDEVr, with events in Silicon Valley and New York.

It is the only conference series dedicated solely to presenting the most creative and cutting-edge emerging financial and banking innovations. Finovate conferences draw broad, high-impact crowds of senior financial and banking leaders, venture capitalists, press, business experts, bloggers, regulators, and entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Finovate's annual activities include FinovateFall (New York), FinovateSpring (San Jose), and FinovateEurope (London).

Visit website: Finovate: Conferences Showcasing The Future of Financial And Banking Technology

Total traffic in the last month: <50k

Fintech Weekly

Their weekly newsletter keeps you up to date with everything important in the fintech industry.

A comprehensive roundup of related reports, reports, trends, and events is easily available. Their office collects what's up in the industry so you don't lose out on the latest developments. FinTech Weekly will keep you up to date!

In addition, they publish The FinTech Weekly Magazine, which contains insider reporting on current topics and plans in the finance industry. The papers are written by experts in the financial and technology industries, and they have profound perspectives into issues that are relevant today – and tomorrow.

Visit website: FinTech Weekly - News & Articles on fintech and finance

Total traffic in the last month: <50K

Bank Automation

Previously known as Bank Innovation, Bank Automation News has been at the forefront of covering the development of digital banking since 2009. With the future of growth pointing to opportunities in technology, they have shifted their coverage emphasis to continue to include knowledge and intelligence that direct business professionals to better outcomes.

The next frontier in financial services technologies is automation. Most banking systems, from consumer service to enforcement, financing options, and investment, can be improved or transformed. Automation technologies would trigger the largest transition of financial markets since the credit crisis-era digitization of financial services. Banks that have not yet invested in automation technology must continue to change their emphasis in order to stay competitive. This transition necessitates a significant investment in training and educational services.

Bank Automation News is the first and only news and education outlet devoted to the advancement of this nascent area of financial services technology.

Visit website: Bank Automation News | The Definitive Source for Insights and News Surrounding Automation in Financial Services

Total traffic in the last month: N/A

Payments Dive

Payments Dive, formerly known as Mobile Payments Now, offers in-depth journalism and insight into the most influential news and patterns affecting payments. Retail, finance, hotels, and other subjects are included in the newsletters and on the website.

It is a well-known journal run by Industry Dive. Their corporate journalists generate insights and form priorities for more than 11 million decision-makers in dynamic industries.

Visit website: Payments Dive: Payments News and Analysis

Total traffic in the last month: N/A

Concluding Thoughts

In addition to these sources, other social media outlets, such as Twitter and Reddit, serve as Fintech intelligence hubs. Reddit has a massive community of fintech and tech enthusiasts. Content assembling websites, which offer a rundown of fintech-related news from tons of outlets around the globe, are yet another source of financial technology wisdom. These websites are perfect for people not having the time and patience to search through numerous news outlets.

There is a plethora of info from the fintech industry out there that requires to be gathered. With tons of websites for obtaining information on cryptocurrencies, you can pick a credible news source that will provide you with the most up-to-date and trustworthy news about the industry, as well as educational material for audiences interested in knowing more about the technology.


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