Top Journalists You Should Follow To Expand Your Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Knowledge

March 27, 2021

We all have journalists we admire both for their work and for their charming personalities. However, since cryptocurrency is a dynamic and quickly changing topic, there will always be something fresh happening. Things can take a mad dash in an instant, making it difficult to remain alert about the ever-changing Cryptoworld. If you want to excel in conquering the crypto market, you must remain on top of current events and market trends. A single day's delay will mean that you could lose out on a chance to make a fortune.

Furthermore, we've all at some point tried to test the crypto waters at some point, but the jargon and difficult-to-understand information is always a deterrent. Specifically when you realize you can't count on the mainstream journalists to keep you up to date on the subject. Keeping up with market movements is just one element of a successful crypto tactic. You must also make logical sense of the statistics. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must pay close attention.

The landscape of cryptocurrency is flexible and modern; there are hundreds of people with vast experience in journalism, academia, technology, and financial services who pen down their thoughts regularly about the recent issues in the booming industry, which makes their opinions imperative, extremely informative, and of the highest quality. If you're keen on the topic, we've put together a list of top crypto journalists who are committed to sharing their important insights and are also some of the most followed, shared, and prominent figures writing about cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a list of our top picks who changed the face of Crypto Journalism through their exemplary work and contribution to the field.

  • Joon Ian Wong

Joon Ian Wong is the Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers' founding co-president. The ACJR focuses on recognising best practices in journalism and research on cryptocurrencies and blockchains. He previously worked as a Technology reporter for Quartz in London, where he was interested in cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. He started his crypto career as one of Coindesk's first reporters, where he helped launch the Consensus event series. He has also worked as an editor and journalist for the Asia tech news platform e27 and the China Economic Review.

Joon has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from New York University as well as a Master of Arts in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Currently, he is working on media services, framing narratives through meetings and no-code micro-services. He has given interviews and spoken at Web Summit, Mobile World Congress, BBC News, Al-Jazeera, CBC, NPR, and other events, and he is one of Business Insider UK's Tech 100.

Read Joon Ian Wong’s recent article on NFT here
Find out more about Joon here : Joon Ian Wong | LinkedIn I Wong Joon Ian (@joonian) / Twitter
  • Oscar Williams-Grut

Oscar Williams-Grut, a London-based journalist, has been a Senior City Correspondent at Yahoo Finance since October 2018 and has previously served as a senior correspondent at Business Insider. He focuses on finance and markets, with a special emphasis on fintech.

His reporting on "pump and dump" frauds in crypto market was nominated for the renowned Gerald Loeb Awards in the beat reporting genre in 2018, as well as the same report was quoted by the US Securities and Exchange Committee. Prior to joining Business Insider, he worked as a stock market reporter for the London Evening Standard and several other Independent newspapers. Investigations, reporting, SEO, editing, and internet publication are among his specialties.

Read Oscar Williams-Grut’s recent article on Bitcoin here
Find out  more about Oscar here : Oscar Williams- Grut | LinkedIn I Oscar Williams-Grut (@OscarWGrut) / Twitter
  • Marc Hochstein

In July 2014, Marc Hochstein was named Editor in Chief of American Banker. He began working for the publication in 1998 as a mortgage reporter and gradually increased his responsibilities over the years. He has overseen American Banker's coverage of financial inclusion, payment, and community banking at various times; the lively opinion blog BankThink; and the enormously successful Morning Scan newsletter. Marc was instrumental for many of the first serious Bitcoin stories worldwide, and chaired SourceMedia's influential Blockchains + Digital Currencies conventions in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

He has more than 20 years of experience in business journalism, covering finance, technology, capital markets, real estate, and other sectors, as well as more than 15 years in mentoring people. Marc's multimedia skill set involves composing articles and headlines for online and mobile viewers, interacting with audiences on social media, and producing podcasts and videos. At media conferences, he is a dynamic moderator and emcee. A breezy yet sophisticated writing style honed across a variety of media (wire service, newspaper, magazines, websites, email newsletters and blogs).

Read Marc Hochstein’s recent article Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Marketing Coup
Find out more about Marc here : Marc Hochstein | LinkedIn I Marc Hochstein (@MarcHochstein) / Twitter
  • Laura Shin

Laura is the Founder and host of the 'unchained podcast,' where she explores the top crypto stories every week and offers a preview of the exclusive podcast episodes.  She was also  a and Forbes magazine contributor, as well as the co-lead editor for the Forbes Fintech 50 list. Laura was one of the first female journalists to work in the financial technology industry. She started her career in media as an assistant producer and reporter for NewsWeek, and she is now recognized as one of the market's most influential figures. Laura is one of the founding members of ACJR.

Laura went on to write her own book, "The Millennial Game Plan: Career And Money Secrets To Succeed In Today's World," that got released in 2014.

She is currently writing a book about the development of cryptocurrency, which will be edited by PublicAffairs/Hachette. Laura earned a Phi Beta Kappa with Honors from Stanford University and a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University's School of Journalism.

Read Laura Shin’s recent article Tesla Is a HODLer
Find out more about Laura here : Laura Shin | LinkedIn I Laura Shin (@laurashin) / Twitter
  • Ian Allison

Ian works as a business reporter at  CoinDesk. Previous to that, he worked for the International Business Times and Newsweek, where he reported fintech. He was named the 2017 State Street Data and Innovation Journalist of the Year. He covers impactful news around cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and digital finance. 

His bio mentions that he bought a small number of DAO tokens but did not recover them. Ian currently has no holdings in any cryptocurrencies or ventures.

Read Ian Allison’s recent article Duke University’s Early Coinbase Investment Could Now Be Worth $500M: Sources
Find out more about Ian here: Ian Allison | LinkedInIan Allison (@IanAllison123) / Twitter
  • Joseph Young

Joseph is a financial analyst and investor based in Hong Kong, and has been involved in the cryptocurrency and technology sectors since 2013. He also has extensive experience as a tech, economics, and bitcoin writer. He has collaborated with leading cryptocurrency magazines, offering special perspectives, interviews, competitive analysis, and technology reporting. He has contributed to Cointelegraph, CryptoSlate, CCN, Hacked, Binary District, NewsBTC, CoinJournal and CryptoInsider.

In addition, he collaborates with leading media and publication firms to incorporate new ideas, topics, and innovations. Young also served as the CEO of several digital development companies in South Korea and the Philippines, where he designed websites and mobile applications for major Asian enterprises.

Read Joseph Young’s recent article At what Bitcoin price will Satoshi Nakamoto become the world's richest person?
Find out more about Joseph here: Joseph Young | LinkedIn I Profile / Twitter
  • Jeff Kauflin 

Jeff is currently a Forbes writer focusing on fintech, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and investing. Jeff and three of his peers received the Excellence in Personal Finance Reporting award from the RTDNA and NEFE in October 2020 for their exemplary stories on Robinhood.

He has also published numerous articles on leadership, business diversity, and entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Forbes, he spent ten years in marketing consultancy, holding positions ranging from client consultancy to talent acquisition. Jeff is a Middlebury College and Columbia Journalism School graduate.

Read Jeff Kauflin’s recent article Here Are The Coinbase Cofounders And Investors Poised To Rake In Tens Of Billions From IPO
Find out more about Ian here: Jeff Kauflin | LinkedIn I Jeff Kauflin (@JeffKauflin) / Twitter
  • Ian DeMartino

Ian DeMartino is a CoinJournal co-founder and a freelance correspondent for CoinDesk. Before becoming involved in Bitcoin, he worked as a tech journalist for numerous websites.

In 2011, Ian started writing product descriptions. He transitioned to journalism and has been quoted by both large and small news organizations.  He can usually be found reading when he isn't writing. He is passionate about sports, politics, Bitcoin, and wrestling.

Read Ian DeMartino’s recent article Introducing Monero's Ethereum-Killer: Tari
Find out more about Ian here: Ian DeMartino | LinkedIn I Ian DeMartino (@IanDeMartino) / Twitter
  • Rachel Mcintosh

Rachel McIntosh is an American-born writer and Finance Magnates podcast host who specializes in bitcoin, blockchain, and financial technology. She refers to herself as a "crypto nerd” and has extensive experience as a commentator with a proven track record of working in the financial services sector.  She has also acted as an editor at Blokt and has featured in a number of publications as a freelance copywriter.          

Rachel McIntosh is dedicated to writing technical pieces on Bitcoin, ETH, and the overall cryptocurrency industry. She has both a bachelor's and a master's degree in Musical Arts. Her work on and is highly recommended to read.

Read Rachel Mcintosh’s recent article NFTs Still Have a Few Kinks to Work Out: On CO2, Fraud, and Theft
Find out more about Rachel here : Rachel McIntosh | LinkedIn I Rachel McIntosh (@RachelMcInt0sh) / Twitter
  •  Alyssa Hertig

Alyssa Hertig, a former full-time member of CoinDesk's Editorial Team, is a bitcoin writer and developer. Her work has been published in Vice, Mic, and Reason. 

While she mainly writes about blockchain and bitcoin technology, she has no personal investments in any cryptocurrency. But that doesn't mean she isn't an expert on the topic. Check out her piece on Bitcoin's Time Warp Attack for evidence.

Read Alyssa Hertig’s recent article Who Created the Ethereum Ecosystem?
Find out more about Alyssa here: Alyssa Hertig | LinkedIn I Alyssa Hertig (@AlyssaHertig) / Twitter
  •  Ogla Kharif

Olga Kharif is the Senior Writer at Bloomberg Businessweek. She is a graduate of Journalism from Northwestern University and has previously worked with reputed organizations such as The People’s Magazine and The Pew Charitable Trusts. 

She has been working with Bloomberg for over two decades now. As a writer at Bloomberg and BusinessWeek she covers tech with a particular focus on crypto and the blockchains. 

Read Ogla Kharif’s recent article Insurers Come to Crypto’s Wild West Promising 50% Plus Returns
Find out more about Ogla here: Olga Kharif | LinkedIn I Olga Kharif (@olgakharif) / Twitter
  •  Ran Neuner

Ran Neuner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Onchain Capital, a Blockchain Investment Fund and Advisory Service. Ran Neuner started Crypto Trader, the world's first aired cryptocurrency show, on CNBC in 2017. He is also the host and executive producer today. The show has been a big success, and it is currently the most watched show on the channel.

Ran's success in the Blockchain world has earned him a spot on Richtopia's list of the top ten most powerful individuals in Blockchain. He is also a sought-after speaker at Entrepreneurship, Blockchain Cryptocurrency events, and workshops. Ran has a Bachelor of Science in Finance, is a CFA, and is actively pursuing his OPM at Harvard Business School.

Read Ran Neuner’ recent article Ran Neuner on building a live and credible 24/7 crypto community, predictions for 2021 and more
Find out more about Ran here: Ran Neuner | LinkedIn I Ran Neuner (Non fungible) (@cryptomanran) / Twitter
  •  Diana Ngo 

Diana Ngô is a freelance writer who focuses on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Cointelegraph, CoinJournal, Bitcoin Magazine, and ThinkLab. If you're curious about how crypto and blockchain can affect real-world financial services, Ngô has written an excellent article on the subject.

Read Diana Ngo’s recent article Job Matching Service Moves To Blockchain-Based Platform
Find out more about Diana here: Diana Ngo | LinkedIn I Diana Ngô (@DHQNgo) / Twitter
  • Jon Southurst 

John has been a tech/bitcoin news reporter and public relations writer for over 20 years and is currently contributing to CoinGeek and & producing video content for MetaNetTV. He was a full time writer for CoinDesk &, and has written tech articles for print publications like the Toronto Star (Canada), The Age (Melbourne Australia) MacAddict, and other technology magazines. 

Jon has been a regular at bitcoin meetups in Japan for over a decade and enjoys writing about any subject that straddles technology and world-altering economics.

Read Jon Southurst’s recent article Coinbase gets $6.5 million penalty from CFTC over in-house trading issues
Find out more about Jon here: Jon Southurst | LinkedIn I Jon Southurst (@southtopia) / Twitter
  •  Aaron van Wirdum

Aaron is the CEO of the Dutch bitcoin news site Coincourant, as well as the Technical Journalist for Bitcoin Magazine. He also works as a freelancer, with a focus on technology and how it affects social and political systems. He has been covering Bitcoin since 2013, concentrating on privacy, scalability, and other topics, and he currently holds value in Bitcoin.

He majored in Politics and Society in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University, where he specialized in the impact of free speech and communication technology. Aaron is currently working on a book about cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and its history, so be on the lookout for that. He started writing articles debunking Bitcoin myths in his personal blog in 2013.

Read Aaron van Wirdum’s recent article LOT=true Or LOT=false? This Is The Last Hurdle Before Taproot Activation
Find out more about Aaron here: Aaron van Wirdum | LinkedIn I Aaron van Wirdum (@AaronvanW) / Twitter

Note: The list above is not sorted in any particular order.


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