Top Public Relations Tools To Help Your Business Grow In 2021

March 16, 2021

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and evolving how people communicate around the world.

With the rise of social media sites, public relations stakeholders dig up multiple platforms looking out for relevant contacts, filtering the list, figuring out the right way to touch base, giving and making sense about changes in content, releasing content campaigns, and so on. 

Despite the fact that technology has revolutionized the PR landscape in recent decades, they have yet to automate the process. In the current process, marketing teams and journalists suffer from the absence of a single, economical, sophisticated channel to search and discover the right brand partners to work with, lack of technology to automate collaboration and nurturing of the leads and ensuring no information leaks, and versioning.

Due to these manual processes,  content creation takes double the time, and only half of it reaches the right set of audience. We're talking about 10-20K dollars a month, and after having such a poor experience, we miss roughly 95% of the future demand. 

This is where public relations automation tools come in handy. A combination of advanced marketing and public relations software can help design a communication strategy and messaging focused on your targets, key markets, and needs without causing you to lose sight of your organization's objectives. These platforms allow you to reach out to industry influencers, key online and offline media, critical events, and experts by attracting widespread exposure for your brand and increasing its awareness. Here’s a list of the best PR software available in the market for monitoring and managing public relations in 2021.


Glyph is an all-inclusive PR automation tool for public relations and marketing teams in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Perhaps the only tool available to this industry. 

Source: Marketing Mix 

Glyph is an incredibly useful tool, developed with cutting-edge technologies to help you monitor content, generate visual press releases, develop email lists, and send email pitches all from one location. From rooting out brands, content creators and promoters, it is the only tool in the market that automates and enables all stakeholders to execute, manage, and monitor all PR related activities so don’t have to juggle multiple platforms.

Built with the right set of features that lets you search and discover the right people with zero manual effort. With numerous and useful features like- personalised search, built-in interactivity and handsfree collaboration, it provides the smartest way to do social PR and manage influencer relationships.

Not just that, it’s real-time web monitor keeps you up to date with the latest feed and trends. The inbuilt recommender engine in Glyph ensures parity in search results and helps you find the most accurate profiles and related content. Unlike other existing tools, Glyph is not just an information-as-a-service tool, which means the database here gets updated regularly. 

See how Glyph is transforming the PR landscape with its end-to-end workflow automation (from discovery to delivery of the content).

Try out all the features in the Glyph's Beta version without paying a single penny ((limited time only)!


(Source: Qwoted)

Qwoted is an expert platform designed to help reporters write better stories, faster and is always free for accredited reporters and producers. Qwoted helps you to search and connect with expert sources, identify relevant industry awards and events. See who else is covering your beat plan around upcoming economic events and get story ideas.

Qwoted understands that writing is getting tougher with tighter deadlines a faster news cycle and more noise to cut through,  Qwoted helps you to develop and produce higher quality content more quickly by giving you everything you need for your story in one place, instantly. Reporters from the New York Times Huffington Post and many more rely on Qwoted everyday to help them find sources and create stories.

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(Source: Prowly)

People give you PR do's and don'ts making your head buzzing it may sound complicated but it's not rocket science. Now there's a smart PR app to help you with that. If you've got a story, easily drag and drop it into a perfectly wrapped interface and add social media, web or live stream sources to really make it complete. And looking good on the web and all mobile devices publish all your stories into a brand journal, your real-time interactive newsroom with responsive and web-friendly features, ready to be launched in minutes. 

You are now ready to reach out to your audience quickly. Import all your contacts and let Prowly work the science part. Send your story out with just one click. Prowly automatically tracks your mailing results and helps you categorize media contacts based on how they've reacted to your stories in the past. This way you'll be able to give them stories they really want in the future. Be smart about your PR and jump on board. Book a free demo today.

Muck Rack

(Source: Muck Rack)

Muck Rack lets you find the right journalists to make any story driven by their profiles in their vast media archive, or via a robust search engine that covers the stories they have published and the posts they share across social media. It contains accurate media lists that are continuously updated, freeing you from the pressure of establishment media directories or manually modified spreadsheets. Assess the impact with the reporting and graphics tools of Muck Rack. Employed worldwide by Fortune 500 businesses, advertisers and corporations as a major element of their marketing policy, Muck Rack allows professionals to engage in media affairs.

Agility PR Solutions

(Source: Agility PR)

You have an incredible story to tell, but too often with all the noise out there. It doesn't get the pickup it deserves and goes unheard. What you need, are the right people to help spread your message. And a way to prove to the people upstairs the impact it's having. You might have a media database or a monitoring tool in place. But are you getting the insight you need? Can you actually see what's working and what isn't?

Since 2003, Agility PR Solutions has been simplifying the communications lifecycle for PR pros like you. The software tools make it easy for you to find influencers, amplify your message, monitor your coverage, and measure the impact of everything you do. Ensuring that your story is heard and that you have the analytics to prove it. And our client success team works as hard as you do, to provide exceptional support and service every day. 


Source: Brandwatch

Social media is full of noise and trying to make sense of it can be overwhelming. Imagine if you could cut through it easily and find the conversations that really matter to your business. But wondering how?  Simple. By using Brandwatch the most powerful social media monitoring tool. It starts with beautifully formed queries that only gets you the data you actually want to see. With Brandwatch you get a whole range of search operators to build your queries with. 

After you've captured some great data, you have to make sense of it and put the conversations into context. Brandwatch gives you a flying start with powerful filtering automatic sentiment analysis and naughty lingual coverage. And you can save your filters as email alerts setting them up to work round the clock so you get advanced warning of any crisis situations building up across the web. 

So what else should you expect from a social media monitoring tool? Speed! It needs to work fast, the data needs to be relevant and free of spam and you need a user interface with a dashboard to impress. So book a live demo with Brandwatch or give them a call and see how they can help you find, understand and really use the conversation that matters to your business.

HubSpot's Public Relations Kit 

(Source: Hubspot)

HubSpot's Inbound News Release Templates & Public Relations Tool are the right guides for your company's PR expansion. They've set out a framework for drafting the right press statement for every case, and even includes a PR checklist and even a best practise guide. The product is free and incredibly valuable no matter what the status of your business' PR is. Download the free package here.


(Source: Mention)

Mention allows brands and companies to use media tracking and social media to raise brand recognition. By monitoring a brand, rival, or business theme-our tool helps consumers to compare and interpret online interactions, as well as generate content focused on relevant social and website intelligence. Mention’s unparalleled listening skills have enabled over 4,000 corporate customers including Spotify, Airbnb, MIT, and Microsoft to develop their messaging and marketing campaigns. 

Coverage Book

(Source: CoverageBook)

Coverage Book is a PR tool that enables in house and agency PR teams to display media coverage & measure performance. It is a wonderful guide for PR practitioners to use to digitalize the conventional PR reporting process. The software does about all an observant PR pro requires to track and monitor their achievements, like social networking visibility and performance factors.


(Source: Cision)

Cision is among the most popular and fully-featured PR apps in the market. The website holds upwards of 1.6 million writers, thought leaders and journalistic connections; The app offers automated delivery, monitoring and analysis features to ensure that you never lose a notice or fail to show the importance of your organization's PR endeavors.

You may also conduct content reinforcement strategies via the web so that the editorials and posts can be shown in the efficacy and confidence modules on the platform.


(Source: Anewstip)

Entrepreneurs, public relations experts, and advertisers may use Anewstip to communicate with relevant media influencers. You can also do a search based on rival brand names to learn who is talking about your rivals. Anewstip is much more than a media directory; it's also a search tool for public relations professionals. You can search for authors, writers, reporters, and media practitioners established on their social media messages or stories using the browser-based app. Filter the data depending on your preferences, and then link those to a media library.


(Source: Prezly)

When journalists or popular bloggers receive a news story that looks uninteresting as it has no images, it doesn't scale on their phone; you lose their attention. But if you want your story to catch fire, check out Prezly. Communication teams use it to share rich media stories with influencers. Suppose you want to share a story about a new milestone your company achieved because for instance, you're in the milestone business, you log on to, write your story in collaboration with your team. Drag-and-drop media and create a story that stands out in the contact section. You select influencers you've added, see what they've been up to lately and send out your stories. It's like that excel file with all your contacts but smart and pretty and fast.

Journalists bloggers or employees get a rich media email go to your online newsroom and can share your story in their newspapers blogs or on social channels you've never even heard of. Your dashboard tracks all the interactions and reveals opportunities for future projects if you want to get your story told. Visit for a demo at Prezly.

Concluding remarks:

A successful public relations strategy is the result of a series of steps. Optimize and maximise implementation with a collection of PR resources to help you identify and reach industry insiders, deliver content, and track them. Blending charged and free PR software will bring the cost lower whilst maximising effects and improving feedback to customers.


The new way to do social PR and build relationships with media, influencers and brands.

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