Ubisoft Breaks New Ground with Blockchain Game, Champions Tactics

July 2, 2023

Ubisoft, the AAA gaming developer, has launched its first blockchain-powered game, Champions Tactics, amid the gaming industry's steady shift towards blockchain technology. The game operates on Oasys, a decentralized blockchain gaming platform designed to empower gamers and developers. Ubisoft is among the leading players in this space, including Square Enix, Sega, and Bandai Namco, who also have projects leveraging Oasys.

Champions Tactics is introduced as an experimental PvP Tactical RPG, though how blockchain contributes to the gaming experience remains unclear. This announcement comes despite recent turbulence in the crypto space, particularly for NFTs and various cryptocurrencies, signaling Ubisoft's commitment to exploring the potential of blockchain in gaming.

However, this move towards web3 has received mixed responses. Some firms, like Square Enix, have faced backlash for minting NFTs. The ultimate success of blockchain in gaming depends on whether it can enhance a game that captivates players. As such, Champions Tactics could potentially set a precedent or serve as a foundation for future advancements in blockchain gaming.



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