WEEK 3: NFT dining in NYC 🍣 Kim Kardashian amidst a "pump and dump" scandal 😱

January 17, 2022

Bitcoin is currently trading at $42,828 and has been in the $42,000 price range for the entirety of the previous week, with one exception where it hovered around $44,500. DOGE is trading at $0.1709. The price reached $0.2148 on the 14th of Jan when it shot up 57% in 4 days from 0.1368, but there was a quick rejection of 17.27% to $0.1832.

Top 5 cryptos of the day:

  • BTC $42,805 -0.72%
  • ETH $3,267 -0.605
  • SOL $143 -3.87%
  • XRP $0.7651 -1.86%
  • LUNA $83.05 -4.16%

Biggest gainers:

  • ATOM $42.82 1.17%
  • MATIC $2.41 2.98%
  • TRX $0.0716 2.90%
  • MANA $3.03 1.79%
  • UNI $17.22 2.02%

Biggest losers:

  • ANT $7.51 -7.46%
  • FET $0.4772 -6.29%
  • DOGE $0.1717 -5.95%
  • ICP $30.19 -5.68%
  • KSM $270.76 -5.15%

Rio's mayor supports cryptocurrency

Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro recently announced the creation of a group to study ways to incentivize cryptocurrency to boost the city's economy. He also announced that the government would invest 1% of public funds into cryptocurrency.

Strike won't support Bitcoin in Argentina

Argentina users of Strike, the trading app have complained that the app wouldn't let them trade or hold Bitcoin and it only supports Tether USDT. Users took to Twitter in mass confusion to find out that they didn't receive a Bitcoin wallet.

NFT dining in NYC

Flyfish Club, a New York City eatery that is yet to be unveiled in 2023 will need guests to show proof of membership through NFTs, making it the world's first NFT restaurant. The membership will be available in two tiers, the second providing more access to better amenities.

Kim Kardashian amidst a "pump and dump" scandal

Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Paul Pierce are being investigated in an alleged "pump and dump" scam for Ethereum, where they buy cryptocurrencies at lower prices, raise the prices using their celebrity status, and sell them when they're profitable.  

Interesting financial reads:

Credit Suisse boss resigns over 'personal actions'

Lebanon's PM Denies Meddling in Judiciary Over Financial Probe

Live news: Asia-Pacific stocks mixed as China growth slows

London financial vacancies jump 40% from pre-pandemic level


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