WEEK 52: Could India ban cryptocurrency?😓 Ozzy Osbourne steps in to the NFT space 🤘

December 27, 2021

Bitcoin is currently trading at $49,366.21 and has rejected the $51,989 level twice. $45,765 could be a support level in the future. DOGE is currently trading at $0.1818 and was in a constant uptrend from 20th December, an increase of 19.69% until it maxed out at $0.1956 and fell 7.3%.

Top 5 cryptos of the day:

  • BTC -2.83%
  • ETH -3.28%
  • SOL -3.45%
  • XRP -3.23%
  • LUNA -7.12%

Biggest gainers:

  • ICON 18.73%
  • ANT 4.46%
  • RLC 2.81%
  • FIL 2.53%
  • IOTA 0.63%

Biggest losers:

  • LRC -10.14%
  • REN -9.87%
  • CRV -9.34%
  • ATOM -7.50%

Ozzy Osbourne teases fans with new NFT

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne announced in a Twitter post about his new NFTs which consist of 9,666 unique NFTs but every NFT is a unique new feature where collectors can collaborate their NFTs and give birth to a new NFT.

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch pushes for a complete cryptocurrency ban

RSS-affiliate Swadeshi Jagaran Manch passed a resolution on Sunday demanding that the Indian Central Government completely ban cryptocurrency trading and transactions in India. The resolution also said people who hold crypto can trade it in a short time, but need to submit information to Income Tax.

Crypto companies urge Congress for clarity

CEOs and higher executives from six cryptocurrency companies such as Coinbase and Circle urged the US Congress on Wednesday to clear the rules of the crypto industry.  

Bitcoin Hashrate higher than ever

Bitcoin's hash rate has constantly been above 1880 exahash per second(Eh/s_ and has seen a 163% increase since its low 5 months ago when it hit 69 Eh/s. Its highest-ever hash rate was 194.95 Eh/s.

Interesting financial reads:

Finance ministry turns tight-fisted for next fiscal year

UAE lifts ban on import of poultry from India

European stocks slightly higher in holiday-thinned trade

'Move Bangladesh's forex reserve from US Federal Bank'


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