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Glyph is your online portfolio to highlight your best work. The platform enables journalists to get matched with brands and thought leaders waiting to connect with you. It is a free to use platform where you can directly connect with brands to cover stories  that matter.

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“It is crucial for journalists to keep strengthening connections with brands and key opinion leaders in the space. I am excited to see how Glyph’s social interface can solve this with AI- backed recommendations.”

Kelly Le
Kelly Le
Tech Reporter and Producer at Forkast.News

" Fintech sector is growing rapidly & it's disrupting the traditional financial services industry, especially after the COVID outbreak. At this critical time, we needed a tech to automate PR & comms key processes while taking advantage of data-driven insights. I'm eager to check out Glyph to effective business comms."

Taha Zafar
Omar Faridi
Fintech reporter at Crowdfund Insider

"Glyph is designed to automate the discovery of brands which happens manually today. Super pumped to start using the product."

Taha Zafar
Taha Zafar
Cryptocurrency Writer at CryptoTicker

“Glyph’s live feed keeps me updated at all times and is the best way to source trending story angles.”

Mohammad Musharraf
Mohammad Musharraf
Contributing author at Hackernoon

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